Save the energy you produce for when you need it most

Energy consumption is highest in the morning and evening, but solar production peaks during midday. Storage solves this dilemma.

The value of energy storage 

As energy regulatory policies evolve, homeowners with rooftop solar increasingly face a dilemma — solar production peaks during the middle of the day when consumption is often lowest. The Enphase Storage System addresses this by enabling homeowners to save the energy from the sun for other times of the day when demand is higher. 


Why storage? 

  • Storage lets you save the energy you produce during the day for later, when you need it most. 
  • Simple installation and modular design keep upfront costs low. 
  • Safe:  No high-voltage DC system delivers higher performance and great reliability. 


Three evolving trends creating the need for storage: 

  • Rising utility rates. 
  • Changing or disappearing net metering and feed-in tariff policies, which pay you when your excess energy goes to your utility. 
  • Chemistry advancements resulting in safer, longer lasting, and more affordable batteries. 
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