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Health & Safety Check

The best way to keep your system in top condition is to regularity follow a maintenance program.

The Clean Energy Council recommends annual cleaning of your panels to maintain maximum solar energy production from your system. Many reports show that panels will lose between 1 to 2% efficiency every year your panels are not cleaned. Over time accumulated lost production can lead to significant losses on generation. 

The health and safety inspection is part of a routine check that should be performed annually and is recommended by the Clean Energy Council. The 30 point safety check includes the following items;

✅ Check Panels for minor issues 

✅ Check Panel Structure/Mounts

✅ Check Cabling – Mechanical & Electrical

✅ Check Inverter – Functions & Connections 

✅ Various components checked for water ingress

✅ Check Voltage

✅ Check Current

✅ All debris is cleared from the panel site

✅ Panels are washed and cleaned

✅ System performance is recorded for future reference 

We use the latest in Solar Panel cleaning equipment to provide a professional service. Our filtered water cleaning system provides a chemical free clean that is safe for your family, gardens and the environment. 

System Service Call

Normally a solar PV system will provide years of trouble free energy generation, however occasionally things do go wrong and your system will stop working for a number of reasons such as electrical storms, power surges on the network or one of the components of your system, will develop a fault.

At Planet Power, we understand that after sales solar power service is vital: a solar power system that isn’t working is a liability rather than the asset it should be. In the unlikely event that your solar power system should develop a fault, we will work to have it generating power for you again as soon as possible.

What you can do if you notice your system has stopped working prior to calling our Operations Manager:

  • Refer to your user manual and reboot your system by following the shutdown procedure, wait for half an hour and follow the start-up procedures;

  • Check your meter box to make sure the circuit switch has not tripped to the off position;

  • Check to see that you are not experiencing a blackout or have recently experienced one and the system needs to be started up again. 

If you have attempted the above procedures and the system is still not working then Planet Power is able to help customers process warranty claims with certain inverter manufacturers, and also provide inverter replacement services, for inverter brands that do not exist anymore or are parts replacement only.

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